Ambassador Thalassinós meets the World Jewish Congress


Decemebr 22, 2009

UNITED NATIONS - The Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Panama to the United Nations, H.E. Pablo Antonio Thalassinós, was the guest of honor of the Executive Board of the World Jewish Congress, in its headquarters in New York.

During the luncheon, celebrated on December 22, 2009, the Executive Board of the Congress thanked Ambassador Thalassinós for his work with the Mission of Panama, and in particular, for the Government of Panama’s support on matters of interest to the State of Israel in the context of the United Nations.

To commemorate the occasion, Ambassador Thalassinós offered a statement in support of Israel, highlighting the important socioeconomic contributions of Panama’s Jewish community, and extending wishes to strengthening the ties of friendship between Panama, Israel, and Jewish communities across the globe. In his statement, Ambassador Thalassinós detailed the precise instructions of the President, H.E. Ricardo Martinelli and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, H.E. Juan Carlos Varela, on Middle Eastern affairs, and explained how these instructions have defined Panama’s role in the United Nations, vis-a-vis Israel.

The World Jewish Congress is an international federation of Jewish communities and organizations that represents Jews across the political spectrum and all Jewish religious denominations. As the diplomatic branch of the Jewish community among the governments of the world and international organizations, it works to preserve the principles of unity and diversity.

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