June 1, 2010

[Unofficial Translation]

PANAMA - The Government of the Republic of Panama deeply regrets the loss of life and the injuries that resulted from the Israeli military operation that, according to information available, was in international waters against ships that carried humanitarian aid to residents of the Gaza Strip.

The Government of Panama conveys its condolences and solidarity to the families of the victims and echoes the statements of the Secretary General of the United Nations on the need for a comprehensive investigation of the events as soon as possible, in an impartial, credible and transparent manner, in accordance with the highest international standards, allowing, among other things, to determine whether or not the use of force was proportional, and to designate responsibility, if appropriate.

The Government of Panama urges a resumption of the Middle East peace process and that the necessary measures are taken to allow access of humanitarian aid to civilians in the Gaza Strip, while respecting the legitimate safety needs that the State of Israel may have in the area of security.

The Government of Panama calls for dialogue, the use of the mechanisms for the peaceful settlement of disputes and respect for international law, as tools to resolve the crisis in the region.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Panama will closely follow the development of this crisis through its missions in the region, and in accordance to the respective developments that are happening in the United Nations.

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