The Permanent Representative


Ambassador Thalassinós (left) with Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

The Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Republic of Panama to the United Nations was born in Panama City, Panama, on March 12, 1945. He has been married to Irene Tiniacos for 40 years. They have two daughters, María Antonieta, who married a Corporate Lawyer, Francisco Martinelli, and Nicky Irene, who married a businessman and industrialist, Dionisio Lymberópulos. Both daughters have given him five grandchildren—three boys and two girls.

He did his Elementary and High School education at the San José La Salle School of Colón, the city where he grew up, where he earned a Bachelor of Science and Letters  degree. Upon graduation, he studied at the University of Central Oklahoma, where he obtained his BA in psychology and an MA in counseling psychology. Afterward, he completed post-graduate studies in clinical pediatric psychology at the Children's Memorial Hospital, in the School of Medicine of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, under the direct supervision of the outstanding and renowned psychologist Dr. Logan Wright, who was his mentor during his specialization studies. Under Dr. Wright’s supervision, while at the University of Oklahoma, he completed a subspecialty in psychotherapeutic techniques.

In his professional life, he founded the Thalassinós Psychological Clinic in Panama City, worked as a Clinical Supervisor in the psychiatric ward of the Metropolitan Hospital of the Social Security Institution, and was Head of Psychology and Mental Health Department in Panama´s Psychiatric Hospital. He earned the Chair of Psychotherapy and then the Directorship of the School of Psychology at the University of Panama. He also became Vice Dean and Dean, a.i., of the Faculty of Humanities, Advisor to the President of the University of Panama in the Vice President Division of Research and Post Graduate Studies, and Advisor to the Minister of Education.

In his public and professional life, he was President of the Kiwanis Club of Panama and the Rotary Club Panama-South, President of the Panamanian Association of Psychologists, President of the Latin American Association of Analysis and Modification of Behavior and is still the President of the Panamanian Academy of Psychology.

He was appointed Director General of the Colon Free Trade Zone and Minister of Education, a period during which he designed and initiated a ten-year educational modernization program in the country. He was also in charge of the Ministry of the Presidency. On different occasions he was also appointed Ambassador on Official Special Assignments, to represent Panama in international events and fora, such as in the former Yugoslavia, Greece, Italy and the 3rd Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement. He has written various research articles published in scientific journals in the U.S. and Panama, has been Editor of the Journal of Psychology "REDEPSI" and the Latin American Review "Learning and Behavior." He belongs to different psychological associations in the United States and is the Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Cyprus in Panama.

Ambassador Thalassinós has received several distinctions, among which stand out for having been named Most Distinguished Alumni of the University of Central Oklahoma, appointed Honorary Lieutenant Governor of the State of Oklahoma, Honorable Mention in the State Congress Senate of Oklahoma; bearer of the Great Cross of Civil Merit from His Majesty Juan Carlos I, King of Spain, bearer of the  Great Cross of the Phoenix of the Hellenic Republic; named Meritorious Son of the City of Colón and Meritorious Son and Honorary Citizen of Psaxná, Greece (his father’s birthplace).

From his personal perspective, his greatest honor was being named Archon Mega Referendarios (Great Knight Nuncio) of our Holy Church of Jesus Christ, the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople and New Rome, by His All Holiness Bartholomew I, Ecumenical Patriarch, and also being awarded the Great Cross of the Order of the Orthodox Knights of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem.

On July 3, 2009, Ambassador Thalassinós, was appointed by the President of Panamá, as Ambassador, Permanent Representative of his country to the United Nations.


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