I Committee

Disarmament and International Security Matters
 Expert: H.E. José de Jesús Martínez, Ambassador


The I Committee deals exclusively with issues concerning disarmament and other matters related international security.


Due to the nature of its subject matter, the I Committee is relatively complex and polemic, motivated in part by the political interest expressed by some of its delegations (especially nuclear countries and producers of conventional weaponry) that have their national security at stake if the Committee adopts positions in favor of nuclear disarmament, non-proliferation and the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

Panama firmly believes that creating a world free of all types of nuclear weapons is a noble endeavor that must be accomplished. The international community continues to face threats of increasing complexity to international peace and security and the credibility of international treaties and conventions. Despite this fact, the world is currently witnessing a tangible and dangerous regression regarding the universal adoption of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

The I Committee deals with more than 60 thematic subjects and the majority of its resolutions are adopted by registered voting. Panama favors disarmament and international security, which is why it votes in favor of all resolutions that seek these aims.

The matters on the I Committee agenda include:

  • Complete and general disarmament
  • Control of conventional weapons on a regional and sub regional basis
  • Prevention of the acquisition of sources of radioactive materials by terrorists
  • Follow-up to the obligations regarding nuclear disarmament
  • Report of the International Atomic Energy Agency
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